The Gift of Loss

The Gift of Loss

Soul's Notes (TL;DR): We got into the business of greeting cards because they are a simple, beautiful, and affordable way to cherish the special people in your life while they're still here.

"Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got til it's gone." - Joni Mitchell

I just know my mom is going to read this and cry (love you, Mom!).

The first pet we ever had was an absolutely heaven-sent cat who passed at a very young age because of a freak accident. Besides being incredibly traumatizing and devastating for our small family, it was such a shock because we didn't see it coming. We couldn't have known, there were no red flags -- Addy was a healthy, happy cat, and then it just happened. He was gone.

Death is assured and although a very heavy subject, I bring it up because knowing its inevitability is actually a gift. Tragedy is a nudge for us to cherish what we have solely because of its impermanence. Everything we hold onto, the good and the bad, is temporary. How do we change our perspective so this isn't such a depressing reminder of our mortality? The answer is gratitude.

Love as much as you can, but also express it as much as you can. The beauty of life is in its uncertainty and death in its certainty. So tell the people who matter to you that they do! Let your friends and family know that they have impacted your life and helped shape you. Love is meant to expand.

We got into the business of greeting cards because they are a simple, beautiful, and affordable way to acknowledge the special people in our lives. As much as I miss my cat, Addy, he taught me to shamelessly love and hug and kiss all those who have uplifted and supported me in my evolution.

Spread love. Isn't that the best purpose we could have?

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What you’ve said Samaa is absolutely true…we take so many things and so many people for granted. To express love is an attribute we all need to develop….each moment of our lives and not only when the loss is complete. Miss you Adi…. by leaving your body your Spirit helped me transform into a new Being full of love.

Farida Ali

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